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13 Customer Service Tips to Create a Positive Work Culture

Customer service is vital to your organization, so take the time to help your team improve their customer service skills with these tips. You can improve customer service and work culture at your organization by sharing these 13 customer service tips with your team.

A great way to use these customer service tips is to kick off each week with a quick a 10-minute team meeting. Select one of the customer service tips and together brainstorm specific ways to bring the tip to life. Write your tips on the board or flip chart. At nine minutes, everyone initials an activity to try in the coming week.

At next week’s meeting, review the customer service tip aloud. Go around the room, reporting on the activity you tried. Give brief positive recognition after each report. Plan for next week by selecting a new tip and following the steps used in meeting one.

These customer service tips are from our 52 Ways to a Positive Work Culture eBook.

1. Give your customers a warm welcome.
Sample ways:
• Answer your phone with a smile and energy in your voice.
• Look your customer in the eye, smile, and greet her by using her name.

2. “Wow” customers with follow-up.
Sample ways:
• E-mail confirmation of a phone action plan.
• Say, “I think I can get an answer within one hour. Is that acceptable?” Then do it.
• Call or e-mail to make sure a shipment arrived and is complete.

3. Help customers ask for help.
Sample ways:
• Ask, “Do you have any questions?”
• Say, “That’s a great question.”
• Ask, “How else can I help you?”

4. Say “thanks” for everything.
Sample ways:
• Say, “Thanks for calling.”
• Say, “Thanks for trusting us with your business.”
• Say, “Thank you so much for letting us know.”

5. Warm up your e-mails.
Sample ways:
• Open with “Hello, Ms. James,” or “Good morning, Fred.”
• Close with “Thank you for your help,” or “Good hearing from you,” and your name.

6. Love the unhappy customer.
Sample ways:
• Say, “I’m sorry this happened. I appreciate you letting me know.”
• Keep your voice volume soft and your rate of speech slow.

7. Don’t interrupt!
Sample ways:
• Say to yourself: “My challenge is to listen until she’s finished. If I can do this, I’m a success.”
• Put a “Be patient.” sign on your computer monitor.
• Give your customer three seconds of silence to make sure he has said everything he wishes to say.

8. Focus only on the customer.
Sample ways:
• If you’re interrupted when you’re with a customer, say to the interrupter, “Be with you in a moment,” smile, and turn quickly back to the customer.
• If you’re on the phone, smile at the visitor and hold up your index finger to signal: “One minute.” Quickly focus back on your customer.

9. Ask, don’t tell.
Sample ways:
• Never say “You’ll have to …” or “You can’t …”
• Say, “May I ask you to …?” or “Could you please …?”

10. Explain what you’re doing.
Sample ways:
• Say, “May I put you on hold while I check on that order?”
• Say, “I’ll ask if we can make an exception if you’d like to hold for a moment.”

11. Learn about your customers as people.
Sample ways:
• Say, “I hope your weekend was a good one,” or “I hope you’re having a good week.”
• If your customer volunteers personal information, make notes. Next time you’ll be able to ask, “How’s that new granddaughter?” or “How’s your softball team’s season?”

12. Focus on the “can,” not the “can’t.”
Sample ways:
• Don’t say “It’s not our policy … “ or “We can’t … “
• Say “Here’s what I can do …“ or “Here’s how we can handle this ….”

13. Use your customer’s name often.
Sample ways:
• Ask, “May I ask your name, please?”
• Say, “Thank you, Mr. Smith, or “I’ll change this now, Ms. Zimmerman.”

These customer service tips are from our 52 Ways to a Positive Work Culture eBook.



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