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Workplace Wellness: Take a Holistic Approach for a Whole Lotta Impact!

At Baudville, when we first embarked on our journey to better workplace wellness, we started small with just a yearly 10-week spring fitness challenge. Emboldened by our success, we added a fall/winter "Hold it for the Holidays" competition, and then from there we've built a year-round program.

What we've learned through all of our efforts is that wellness is so much more than eating well and getting exercise, and it also needs to be an ongoing process and not a temporary undertaking. This year, we're trying monthly challenges that focus on different aspects of wellness with the hope of both raising awareness and elevating our overall progress. Here are a few ideas that you may not have considered a part of a wellness program, but should!

Avoiding Distracted Driving/Living.
Farmers MarketYou can be doing everything right health-wise, but, within a split second that all could change because you didn't have your eyes or ears focused on your immediate task—whether that's driving, biking, or even walking. Texting, reading, talking on your phone, and putting on makeup or checking your visor mirror for spinach in your teeth are the most common activities that can be detrimental distractions. So, look ahead, listen up, and be mindful of your behavior—and always ask yourself: "Can it wait?" The answer is almost always "yes." Read more about the impact of distractions here.
Eating and Shopping Locally.
What does this have to do with wellness? Well… first of all: local food and produce tend to be fresher, are less likely to be processed, and most often are produced or grown under more natural conditions than in commercial operations. Second, supporting merchants in your area grows your community and makes it thrive. Our surroundings play a big part in our feelings of wellbeing. The more prosperous yours are, all the better for you and your neighbors. Learn more about being a "locavore" here.

Being Generous.

At Baudville, giving back has been a part of our culture for many years now. It wasn't until we started focusing on our employees' wellness that we noticed the correlation between philanthropy and health. Not only do our projects get us out and active, they also exercise our kindness muscles and fill our hearts with abundant goodwill; a mind-body-soul workout is quite the trifecta! Here’s a bit more reading on that.

Getting More Sleep.
Research has shown that lack of sleep can have devastating effects on our overall wellbeing, but few of us need stats to tell us that. We can feel it: irritability, compromised coping skills, and lack of focus are just a few—plus some sneaky, less obvious ones, like increased levels of hunger and premature skin aging . Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per night—six at a minimum. It's easy to give reasons why you aren't getting enough sleep, but the more you acknowledge the benefits of sleep and make it a priority, the better you'll feel. And, the positive effects will be noticeable right away. This article provides some more info on the subject.
Quick Tips:
• Focus. Try creating monthly challenges that highlight a specific wellness factor you want to improve. Concentrating on one issue for a substantial period of time allows habits to develop and changes to evolve naturally over that time.
• Measure. Whatever it is you're working on, make sure you have benchmarks and goals, so that there is both structure and motivation built in. And, as those milestones are met, reward or acknowledge those who achieved them.
Evaluate. Check in with your participants to find out how they're progressing. Do they need regular prompts or refreshers? Do they have their own input or ideas to add to your program? You’ll have the most success if you find out how people are responding and act on what you learn.

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