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What Makes You Click?

Pete Winemiller focuses on training Oklahoma City Thunder frontline staff and business alliance partners on the team's program called "CLICK!™ with your Guests." Read on to learn about this highly successful initiative!

The Oklahoma City Thunder franchise is ranked #1 in ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Standings, with fan satisfaction being a key element of that ranking. Why is fan satisfaction so important?
The best way to run any business or organization is to create repeat customers. I have never forgotten that business goes where it is invited, but stays where it is appreciated. Appreciating your customers (we callthem Guests) is the first step in turning relationships into friendships and funds follow friends!

Your CLICK!™ with your Guest program is integral to creating a positive fan experience. How does it work?
The number one dictionary definition to the word "click" is "to be successful." When people say they have "clicked" with someone we immediately know something good has happened. This is a great word to define the manner in which we strive to interact with our Guests all the time.

What are the key elements of the program?
CLICK! is an acronym and it spells out our customer service quality standards: Communicate Courteously, Listen to Learn, Initiate Immediately, Create Connections, and Know Your Stuff.

Why do you think the program works so well?
How you go about sharing the story of your values within your business or organization is vitally important to the success of your customer service program overall. We utilize a concept referred to as "EEC": Educate (training), Evaluate (research) and Congratulate (recognition). We train CLICK!, we evaluate the effectiveness of CLICK! and we congratulate on CLICK! All three elements of EEC are important and necessary in order to achieve any definition of success regarding your quality standards being implemented effectively and consistently.

What can other organizations outside of professional sports learn from the CLICK!™ with your Guests program?
When building a company or organization that strives to be known for its customer service, you first must establish what your quality standards are so you know what to educate. You then must establish corresponding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). With KPIs in place you will be able to evaluate your effectiveness. With the educate and evaluate pieces in place you can congratulate team members for "CLICK!ing with their Guests."

Why and how did you develop the program, and what was your goal for its implementation?
We believed that employees should be recognized for "doing their very best by CLICK!ing with their Guests." Building, enhancing, and sustaining a vibrant recognition platform needs to be a commitment, as well as a priority. We define "CLICK!ing with your Guests" as going above and beyond by doing little things that make a big difference and, in turn, creating FAN-tastic acts of service.

Ways we recognize Front-Line team members for their success are as follows:
"Employee/s of the Moment" – "I CLICK! with my GUESTS"
Front-Line team members can receive a poker-sized chip from full-time team members. A printed message on one side congratulates them for being spotted CLICK!ing with their Guests.

Caring for our Guests at every game is our focus. Being spotted CLICK!ing with Guests is acknowledgement for a job well done. When you earn four individual CLICK! chips you can redeem them for unique appreciation gifts and be awarded with an "I CLICK! with my Guests" uniform pin. Redemption takes place at our CLICK! chip redemption center which is in full view of fans and provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the employees' success in public.

"Employee/s of the Month" – "I am a FAN FAVORITE"
Front-Line team members can be nominated for a "Fan Favorite Award" by Guests (fans) for providing FAN-tastic acts of service. The more nominations an employee receives during a month, the better opportunity they have of receiving "Fan Favorite" recognition. Monthly winners receive a $100 gift card to the team's merchandise store. The award presentation happens during a timeout at a regular season game. The employee is featured on the arena scoreboard, with the in-game announcer congratulating the employee. The awards ceremony is captured on film, and a framed photograph is presented to the team member by his supervisor along with a CLICK! chip.

"Employee/s of the Year" – "100% GUEST CARE"
Front-Line team members who are recognized for not only "CLICK!ing with their Guests," but also have provided an act of service that would be considered a "Slam-Dunk" moment, are recognized at center court (twice a year) during halftime at a regular-season Thunder game. The entire halftime production is featured on the arena scoreboard, with the team's mascot and franchise executives congratulating each recipient as the in-game announcer reads their names. Each recipient receives a "100% Guest Care" uniform pin and two CLICK! chips. Each recognized employee receives a professionally framed photograph of the halftime presentation, and their supervisor is asked to write a personal message of congratulations on the back of the frame.
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