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At Baudville, we’ve made day-to-day recognition our job. Whether it’s developing new, innovative products, blogging the latest tip, or putting on a performance for our customers, we strive to create work environments where day-to-day recognition thrives.

Baudville is the place for daily recognition. Who wouldn't want to be there?

Our name was created by combining the computer term “baud” (from our company’s

origins in software development) with the exuberant theatrical name “vaudeville.” Put it

all together and you have Baudville - a place where more than 80 employees enjoy working and

200,000+ customers come to receive a stellar performance.

We make a zillion different kinds of recognition products and tools that are fun and

easy to use. From note cards to pins to the whole kit and caboodle, our inventory of

recognition products is an affordable way to recognize anyone for just about anything—

any day of the week.


We are passionate about daily recognition. We know it works. We’ve seen the value in day-to-

day recognition right here at Baudville, and we’ve watched our customers transform

their cultures by simply expressing gratitude in a frequent and meaningful way. We know

day-to-day recognition works, and we want it to work for others.


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