How To Write an ePraise Note
Writing an ePraise note seems like a pretty simple thing to do, right? Then why don't more of us do it? We have every intention of typing one, but when the fingers touch the keys, we draw a blank.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you type an ePraise note that is meaningful, personal, and sincere.

1. Describe the action, behavior or result you are recognizing. Did you observe the person delivering excellent customer service? Did they provide a referral or a critical piece of information so that you could meet an important deadline? Did they help you out of a jam at the last minute? Be specific about what they did, not just "Thanks for a great job."

2. Explain why it is important to you or the organization. Did it help you achieve a goal or make your job easier? If possible, create the link between their behavior and the organization's values and mission.

3. Reflect back to the person. What is it about the way they did it? Talk about how their action reflects a personal quality of the giver, such as integrity, initiative, or follow through.

Here are some key phrases to help you write a meaningful message. Leading with "thank you for" or "I appreciate you" is a great way to start!

Helping a coworker Presenting innovative ideas Having an energetic approach Being instrumental in the success of a project Showing resilience and grace under pressure
Taking initiative Having a positive attitude Being resourceful in accomplishing goals Staying focused Showing dedication
Being persistent and determined Demonstrating willingness to help Being fast and efficient Contributing new ideas Being a mentor
Showing leadership potential Being reliable Going above and beyond Being a team player Having a can-do attitude
Providing exceptional customer service Being accurate and attentive Having ambition and drive Showing commitment Spreading optimism