Delightly: Home Office Essentials Kit

Delightly: Home Office Essentials Kit

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Product Description

No home office is complete without these essentials. Set your remote team members up for WFH success with this appreciation kit. Make it personal by adding your recipient's name, a special message to the card, and your logo to the box!

Includes: mug | personalized journal | desktop vacuum | essential oil blend

This gift is perfect for a thank you, onboarding, anniversary, and just because occasions. Each kit is expertly curated, hand selected, perfectly packaged, and ready to ship to your lucky recipient!
We're good at thinking outside the box. Due to high demand and quick turnover, box color is not guaranteed. If the pictured box color is unavailable, an alternate will be substituted to avoid shipment delays!
Please note: this Delightly kit includes a component with a lithium battery, which is unable to be shipped via air, which may limit the delivery destination.
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Details & Specifications

  • Delightly Exclusive 15 oz campfire mug with bamboo accent.
  • Personalized bamboo journal.
  • Delightly Exclusive Crumbee desktop vacuum.
  • Essential oil focus blend.
  • Package Description: Gift Boxed
  • Weight: 69.5 OZ
  • Package Size: Wooden Journal, Desktop Vacuum,and Mug
  • Dimensions: 12x10x4